Behold, the bucket list! Please visit blogs and events to see our progress and upcoming events.
Rest assured that each and every item on this list will be completed thanks to Jake’s family and friends.

Places to See

Things to Do

Cairns – 28.12.15

Canberra War Memorial Go to a shooting range – 12.12.15

Go a whole day without speaking – M 12.01.16

Great Barrier Reef

AIS White water rafting – 01.01.16

Play in the snow

Green Island 29.12.15

Uluru Go snorkeling – 29.12.15

Ride a horse – 20.12.15


Bondi Beach Learn to Surf – 09.01.16

Swim with sharks – TBC

Airlie Beach

Whit Sundays Parasailing

Jetboating – 17.04.16

Melbourne – 28.01.16

Tasmania Chocolate Factory Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

Helicopter flight over Toowoomba – 24.12.15

Adelaide Oval

Yarra River – 29.01.16 Complete 100 good deeds

Hot air balloon

 MCG – 30.01.16

V8 hot laps – TBC

Collingwood vs Essendon Clash

Plane flight over Toowoomba – 19.12.15

Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory – 26.01.16

Speed dating

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